Dog grooming is nothing but caring for your dog that includes cutting its hair, bathing it, trimming its nails, cleaning its teeth, ears, etc.

It is important to groom your pets regularly, because they are easily prone to various kinds of infections. Actually, the lack of hygiene can be the cause of several of infections in pets, and this includes your dog. Since dog is a highly active animal, certain to get dirty quiet often, bathing him, trimming his hair, cutting nails, brushing teeth and cleaning his nose and ears will make sure better health and hygiene for him. By following the tips and instructions given in the content, you will find that grooming a dog at home is a very easy process.

Tips on Grooming Your Dog

Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming


Begin the grooming process by brushing or combing your dog completely to loosen dander and remove loose hair. You always want to brush your pet’s hair within the same direction that it grows.

Bathing Your Dog

Big or small, every dog needs bathing following a fixed interval of time. Since dogs are active pets that love being outdoors, they get dirty often and therefore need regular bathing. Bathing is necessary not only for keeping your dog clean but in addition for keeping it away from various diseases and infections. Small dogs need bathing after two to three months, while big dogs may require after every one month. You may need to immediately bathe the dog in situations once the dog gets too dirty by rolling in mud or ruining with yard waste. Before you bathe the dog, it is necessary that you simply brush the dog with a comb to get rid of mats, if any. See that you utilize shampoo and other products that fit your dog. Ensure that you cover the ear holes of the dog with cotton buds before bathing. Convey a rubber mat for proper support towards the dog feet. You can use a tub for bathing the dog plus a hose spray.

Cutting Nails

The grooming part that dogs hate the most is nail clipping. This can hurt your dog if you are not careful enough while operating the clipping equipment around the dog. Overgrown nails can lead to many problems and therefore need to be removed at the earliest. Often it happens that dogs aren’t used to others touching their feet, so it is necessary that you initially make your dog get used to this, for proper nail clipping. It is important that you make the dog habituated to nail clipping from young age. Gently lift its leg and move both hands around its feet making it feel comfortable. Nail clipping could be painful hence you need to handle it very carefully. Purchase a nail trimmer especially made for dogs from a nearby store. Nail grinders will also be one of the good options for nail clipping that hurt less.

Teeth Care

Dogs can get cavities and periodontal disease; therefore their teeth should be cleaned at least twice a week. As part of the grooming process I have been using this method of cleaning my pet’s teeth for a long time and it has worked very well. Cut a bit of gauze pad just large enough to cover your pointer finger and dip it right into a paste made of water and baking soda.