Keeping your Havanese dogs well groomed helps them look nice and supports their overall health and wellness.

Keeping your Havanese dogs well groomed helps them look nice and supports their overall health and wellness. The Havanese dog is a breed that originates in Cuba and is closely related to the Bichon. The Havanese dog is very friendly and playful and makes a great companion for children, adults and other animals. They usually live in the house, being easily integrated as members of the family.

Caring for Havanese Dogs

You have to begin grooming Havanese puppies by getting them used to the grooming table. You need to keep a rubber mat or carpet to prevent the dog from slipping. You have to follow some dog training tips to teach your Havanese puppies to lie down or stand. They need to feel comfortable and you should give them a lot of attention. You should keep scratching behind the ears or chest and a hand under the stomach while Grooming Havanese Dogs.

Best Tips for Grooming Your Havanese Dog

Best Tips for Grooming Your Havanese Dog

Bathing Your Dog

Although dogs generally like to swim, not many of them are fond of going for a baths. However, regular baths are essential to your dog’s health and appearance, particularly if they’re a show dog. Bathing your dog once per week is usually adequate, though you can usually get away with a biweekly bath in case your Havanese is not active or primarily an indoor pet. For show dogs, bathing them two times a week before a competition can make their coats nice and shiny.

Drying Your Dog

There are two types of dryers will dry your dog after a bath: a standing dryer or a hand dryer. A standing dryer is a lot more convenient to use because it allows you to keep the hands free to control the dog. Be sure you place the dryer on a stable surface that enables a lot of room for the dog. You may also use a hand dryer, however, you need to be somewhat adept at handling the dryer and also the dog at the same time. The main benefit to using hand dryers is they can be ported anywhere.


Brushing is very important at it will help keep your dog’s coat in a good shape. Brushing helps remove the dead hair and therefore, keep the dog low shedding. It may also help provide a gentle massage to the dog and improves blood circulation. This also gives you ample opportunity to watch out for any flea or tick infestation or some hidden injuries.

Tips for Grooming Your Havanese

Tips for Grooming Your Havanese

Taking Care of the Teeth

Like humans, plaque can build up on dogs’ teeth leading to foul breath, gum disease, and tooth decay. Their teeth require daily maintenance or they’ll lose them. Use dog-friendly toothpaste to clean your dog’s teeth every day. You should use an old toothbrush, a toothbrush engineered for dogs, or a fingertip appliance to do this. Take care of infections and tooth problems once you notice them to help your Havanese keep their teeth as long as possible.

Cleaning the Ears

Your dog’s ears have to be cleaned regularly to get rid of bacteria, unwanted hair, and wax buildup. To wash your dog’s ears, put a few drops of cleaning fluid within the ear to break up the wax and then use Q-tips or cotton balls to get rid of it. If your dog fidgets when you attempt to clean his or her ears, possess the dog lay down.